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Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Therefore, I am committed to standing behind my work. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and personal referrals.


We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best personalized service in the industry - as we firmly believe you should know your Income Tax Preparer on a first-name basis!


For over 20 years I've been doing my own income taxes successfully and without audit - Until I got audited. It wasn’t that I didn’t provide enough evidence and receipts for itemized expenses that were customary and reasonable. The IRS just didn’t feel I was entitled to what I was claiming. (Yes, you can be denied certain credits toward your refund - even with receipts as proof)!


I’ve read just about every IRS publication available and even researched their IRC code (Internal Revenue Code) until I realized it just wasn't enough to challenge the auditors based upon their claims. 


It wasn’t until I went to a "private" preparer to Amend my income tax returns that I was able to get the additional money due to me!


So there is a personal benefit to utilizing someone who has experienced the frustration and anguish of an IRS Audit with no one trusting to turn to....


Now, armed with this knowledge, I am now able to provide the same service to you! 


I've written to the IRS on behalf of clients who receive letters regarding potential income tax audits, injured spouse claims, or, just wanting to reduce their income tax burden for any current or (back-taxes) owed! 


I've filed Amended Returns for those clients who didn't know they were entitled to claim certain deductions that were "customary and reasonable" in connection with their job.


I've even helped single parents get the EIC-Earned Income Credit Refund they were rightfully entitled to, even after someone else unlawfully claimed their dependent children as their own!  


If you receive a letter of inquiry, I take care of it - No extra Charge!

So let me help You with your tax problems today! 


Call 917.533.0477 for a free consultation, anytime!



1357 Decatur Street, 1st Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11237



Mon - Fri: After hours are available to accommodate your schedule
Sat: 8 AM - 10 PM
Sun: 9 AM - 5 PM - You can always call, anytime - Day or Night!


Don't have the time?  Or, live too far away?

For your convenience, our secure, encrypted 24-Hour fax service is also available free of charge.


Just fax any W-2s, Proof of ID and Dependent Information (i.e, Birth Certificates & Social Security Cards) directly to 718.228.4328.  You can also e-mail me and upload attachments to


If faxing documents from a public place of business, I always suggest that you white-out the last 4 digits of Social Security #'s on any copies for your added protection against potential electronic identity theft.


While "my" fax service is totally secure, theirs may not be!


Don't forget to fill out our "Contact Us" link to be on our mailing list!


Follow me on Twitter @Cachae7 or on Facebook at Cachae A. Thomas

Thank You.

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